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The relationships I’ve had where the person likes The Smiths have always gone better than ones that don’t.

- Jen Kirkman ( jenkirkman
I Seem Fun: Small World, Isn’t It? 
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In the same way that you’ve got moveable type prints and then within the next 50 years the Catholic Church was falling apart and every country was full of revolutions: the internet broke homophobia. The internet makes it so you can’t make gay people scared of themselves anymore, and we can find each other and it’s amazing and lovely. It was once I had reliable access to the internet that I was able to go in a scared way, find something to masturbate to, then eventually chit chat with someone long enough to realize that: Oh, they’re not scary monsters. They are not ‘they.’ They are ‘we.’

- Guy Branum 
Nerdist 549 

it’s spreading

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I don’t have self esteem. I just have good posture. There’s a difference.

- Pia Glenn 
Mental Illness Happy Hour 182

Open Production Notes For The "Jim And Them" Podcast


I’m Dustin, I run a podcast collective called Feral Audio. When I listen to podcast submissions, I take notes for myself to refer to after. For a $50 donation to, I’ll “consult” on your podcast and send you the production notes I took!

The “Jim And Them Podcast” were upset that an incentive for a Kickstarter donation they made to one of my shows wasn’t done in a timely manner, so they took to their podcast to start a campaign of trolling against one of our podcasters. Their fans then started harassing the fiance’ of this podcaster and suggesting they would gang rape her. Cool scene! Well anyways, I listened to their podcast and here’s my production notes of “Jim And Them #388 Part 1: Came Up Empty”

We don’t want to be in this world where people are gonna start coming on to podcasts and cherry picking things out of context.


Wil Anderson 
FOFOP 125 - The Line Crossers

Geez, sorry Wil.

A cassette single of "Gump" in the prize bag | Doug Loves Movies

  • Doug: "Gump" was that song "Lump" but changed to "Gump"?
  • Weird Al Yankovic: Yeeeaaah! See how I do?
Jul 9

Even 5 monkeys typing at random can be racist.

- Bruce McCulloch 
Pop My Culture 149 

Jul 9

The studio is hot enough to smoke soyrizo | Nerdist 543

  • Alfred Molina: I'm drying fish downstairs
  • Chris Hardwick: Is that a euphemism?
Jul 8

Greg Behrendt Simplifies Climate Change | Walking The Room 203

  • Dave: Are you a scientist?
  • Greg: I have gone over the Grand Canyon in an airplane