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Sawbones explores hiccups

  • Sydnee: Do you want to know who the longest hiccupper in history was?
  • Justin: yes, real quick
  • Sydnee: It's a man named Charles Osborne of Iowa. He started hiccupping after a hog fell on him that he was about to slaughter.
  • Justin: That's some sweet revenge
  • Sydnee: That was in 1922 and his hiccups did not stop for 68 years, and he was 97 years old
  • Justin: Did they stop because he "wrapped it up?"
  • Sydnee: No, he died the next year
  • Justin: At least that was a sweet year, though
  • Jessica St. Clair: What year was this, do you remember?
  • Howard Kremer: Forget.
  • Kulap Vilaysack: I think it was junior year, he ran track and field. He did hurdles - he ran hurdles - you leaped over hurdles.
  • Jessica: In those tiny shorts. 'Ya dong ever fall out?

I hate a happy ending. ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ can suck a dick.

- Susanna Lee
The Mental Illness Happy Hour 187

WtR #202 - Hot Box and Tall Canadian Cancer Man

  • Greg: Esquire was a fairly good magazine at one point. Now, it should be called 'More Things to Hate About White Men'.

If (people) are really looking for somebody to show them the way, I would encourage them not to find somebody to show them the way.

- Lucien Greaves
The Duncan Trussell Family Hour 120
Feral Audio

I have a phobia of Robert Smith’s hair, and I’m too scared to google the cure.

- Dave Holmes 
International Waters 31: Stiff As A Varnished Eel 
Maximum Fun

War has often been treated as a sport, and sports has often been treated as war.

- Michael McCusker 
Conversations With Matt Dwyer 108 
Feral Audio

They’ve made like nine Spiderman movies, but they’ve never updated The Constitution. It’s time for a gritty reboot guys. Get Christopher Nolan involved.

- Wil Anderson 
FOFOP 125 - The Line Crossers

A pub is a bar in kilometers.


Jon Dore 
Do You Need A Ride? 12
All Things Comedy

Jon Dore has one of the funniest, obnoxious jokes starting about 54 minutes of this episode. I want to laugh myself to the floor and pull out my hair listening to it.

Republicans are the fascist minded, they’re really to the right, and the Democrats are all the ones that the republicans don’t want. The people of color, women, every other assorted party has to uncomfortably fit itself into the Democratic party because nobody else will have them, and nobody treats third parties with seriousness.

- Michael McCusker 
Conversations With Matt Dwyer 108 
Feral Audio