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Oct 1

Why buy the cow when you can suck the milk out of the dick thing?

- Ilana Glazer with an old adage on Risk All Star Episode #5
Maximum Fun

*Phone Rings*
Is that Greg or Wil? Someone’s tipped them off!

- Guest Greg Behrendt Charlie Clausen 
Walking The Room 205
All Things Comedy

Weezer's Rivers Cuomo | WTF with Marc Maron

  • Marc: So you didn't have sex for how long?
  • Rivers: Three years
  • Marc: How was it that first time out?
  • Rivers: Brief


Gareth: I’m writing a movie called White House Boom. It’s really good.

Dave: Ohhh what happens?

Gareth: The White House blows up… and everybody is the president.

Dave: What?

Gareth: Yeah, it’s not good.

Whenever people ask me if I’m racist, sexist, or alcoholic I always say yes because it ends the conversation. I don’t know if I am or not, I just know that makes them stop because then they either have to help me or stop talking. If you say no, you’re talking about it for another hour, and then you really sound like an alcoholic.

- Dan Harmon 
Nerdist 577

On The Bright Side... | FOFOP 154 with Eddie Pepitone

  • Wil: Nothing means anything. None of it makes sense. None of it is fair. Even the things that we think are fair, aren't fair. Like, everything is unfair. It's all stacked against you. You're probably never going to get ahead, and then even if you are a nice person, bad things still fucking happen to you. Nice people die from bad shit all the time, and terrible people get ahead all the fucking time. Life is not fair, and it's never going to get fixed in our lifetime.
  • Eddie: This talk finally makes me understand why I love sports...

Danny Bland CWMD Photos & Audio


Danny Bland CWMD Photos & Audio


Late night in a seedy hotel in Hollywood I met up with one of my favorite living writers Danny Bland to discuss his new book, I Apologize In Advance For the Awful Things I ‘m Gonna Do. He collaborated on this fine book with the infamous Greg Dulli. Mr. Dulli did the photos for resulting in a true piece of art. It’s an amazing book and a riveting read. You can get it at your local cool bookstore…

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(Walk Among The Tombstones) Sounds like a Warped Tour band.

- Jensen Karp 
Who Charted 199: Freedom and Abandon